onsdag 20. juli 2011

About The hard life

I'm one of the lucky few who could make a living from travelling. For years I only had to write about it, and sometimes take photos (unless I traveled with a photographer).
My stories have been published in VG, Norway's most-read newspaper, Dagbladet, Aftenposten, Magasinet Reiselyst and Vagabond, among others.

So why a blog about travelling?
The seed was sown at a seminar with the rest of the travel section, in Svolvær, Lofoten. It was after some glasses of red wine, and we were talking about good food, good wine - in short: the good life.

The good life is a common theme in travel stories. But in my eyes, a real travel experience is a lot more than that.
- I'm gonna start a blog called "The hard life," I told my colleagues, a bit intoxicated and inspired by the young man I met a little earlier, cutting fish by the docks. He had quit his job to become a fisherman, and now he lived with with the captain, two men in a small fishing vessel. His salary came from the fish they caught, plus what he earned as a doorkeeper in a local bar.
That's the kind of man I would like to read about. But those stories, about how a tired doorkeeper go home to his boat after closing hour, knowing he'll be awoken by the captain in two hours, are rarely told in the travel stories.

Since then it's been almost six months. I haven't hurried. But here it is: the blog The hard life. I hope you like it.